The gods of bulan will speak now. It is not a roadmap or a mission, it is a decree.

The Beginning

Bulan is an African-themed project, creatively backed with a concrete idea of balancing community engagements through art and value through user-oriented utilities.

The concept behind the unique gods hopes to leverage the already established platform in the NFT space to change the narrative about and enlighten people on the history & culture surrounding African deities. For more insights on Bulan, view our whitepaper here

The Story

In Bulan, domains exist; different pantheons overseeing each of these domains, making sure balance and the continued existence of mortals is ensured. The gods of Bulan were revered and worshipped; each god performed their responsibilities and did it perfectly, as they should.

Eons have passed and it would seem mortals have forgotten the beings who sustained them. Outlanders have infiltrated Bulan and have confused mortals who reside there. For eons, the gods of bulan have been quiet, slowly being forgotten; now, no more. 111 gods of bulan have come together to remind the mortals of who they are; their kindness, their conquest, their valor, their might! This is not a myth.

The Plan

This is how the gods of Bulan are going get back their domain

01. Community

Community is utility. It has been proven based on facts and past experiences that a community can break or make any establishment. It is the number one priority.

03. Value-Based Ranking

The value-based ranking tool is one of the many utilities Bulan will power in the plight to provide significance and value to the ecosystem.

04. Token

Bulan will power the $Alke fungible token. gods will stake and gods will earn.

05. Museum

1/1 artists are the future. The museum is reclamation.

Coming Soon . . .

The gods of bulan will withhold other plans for now... It is not a myth.

Now Decree!